Solicitors for Certifiying Copies


We make a £10 charge for providing a solicitor-certified copy of a single page document, this does not apply to certified copy LPA’s, which we have found an exception to our general approach because:

1. The documents are generally very long, and every page needs separately certifying by a solicitor

2. Those wanting the certified copy LPA’s often require particular wording, that may mean we are unable to use our standard stamps, which entails more work in handwriting

3. Those wanting the certified copy LPA’s often require multiple copies

All these requirements take a relatively long time, and therefore we have decided to make an exceptional charge for this type of copy, as outlined.







How long will it take?

Please note, due to the above, these will usually take at least two days to be completed and ready for collection – please ask our receptionists for time scales. They will also be able to advise you of which branch has a solicitor who may be able to complete a copy quicker if it is an emergency.

Money Matters

We will charge a £10 fee for witnessing documents for you, or providing a solicitor-certified copy of a single page document (see Certified copy Power of Attorney for certified copy LPA’s).

We charge £30 per certified copy of an LPA; if you want more than one such copy, we may offer some “volume discount” off the linear sum – please ask for a quote.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.