FCA Authorised Person Legal Services


Any FCA authorised entity must appoint an Authorised Person to act as primary liaison with the regulator. Acting as an FCA Authorised person (in FCA jargon, discharging an SMF29 role) can be an administratively onerous role for many reasons, not least the peculiar language the regulator adopts, and the multiplicity of obscure IT systems they require you to operate. For these reasons many authorized firms prefer to have an expert as their Authorised Person / SMF29.

By this service one of our experts will hold appointment as your FCA liaison officer, including making your regulatory returns

How long will it take?

We don’t generally do anything for new clients until our process of client retention has concluded – this involves agreeing the scope of what we are doing for the price (our terms are below), setting-up our client record (that includes ID checks), and producing the bill (payment in advance is required for all new clients).

Acting as your authorised person is an on-going appointment; the original appointment is typically made on registration – but an application after registration normally takes the FCA about a week to process.

Money Matters

Your supplier is unregulated Mounteney Legal Services Limited, that does not charge VAT

We charge £330 per year

There is more about our fees on our website here

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