Solicitors in Stockport & Cheshire

We are a leading law firm of Solicitors in Stockport and Cheshire. We provide legal services to commercial businesses and individuals all over England and Wales. Our team of highly qualified specialists are committed to providing expert legal advice and representation while maintaining exceptional values and standards of client care.

At Mounteney Solicitors, we make sure that everyone has access to top-notch personal legal advice that caters to their unique requirements, at reasonable prices, and with easy-to-understand communication.

Our experience dates back to 2005, and we offer a range of services and sector-specific advice. Don’t hesitate to speak with one of our Solicitors in Stockport and Cheshire for exceptional legal guidance today.  See our services for more details.

We offer a wide area of individual and commercial legal services that can be sorted into categories from Estate Administration, Residential Property, Commercial Property, Land & Title, Finance & Guarantees, Disputes & Debts, and Business Services.

Our Solicitors in Stockport and Cheshire can be easily reached as we have offices in Cheadle, Bramhall, and Heald Green. We cater to clients not just in the local area, but also across England and Wales. No matter your situation or challenge, we are here to assist and provide guidance.

Legal Services for People and Families

With years of experience serving a diverse range of people in Stockport and Cheshire, we offer a modern, professional, and personalised legal service. Our experienced solicitors have extensive knowledge in advising clients on various issues with empathy towards their circumstances. We offer multiple options tailored to your specific situation, with a focus on resolving disputes in a constructive and non-confrontational way.

Our services provide peace of mind for you and your family, whether you require guidance on Estate Administration, Wills and Probate, Estate Planning, LPA or POA, Employment Settlement Agreements or Administering oaths and Statutory Declarations.

If you need legal help regarding People and Family Law, don’t hesitate to contact our Solicitors in Stockport and Cheshire. Our team of experts are here to assist you.

Legal Services for Business Clients

We have been assisting Business Clients across Stockport and Cheshire since 2005. Over the years, we have developed a reputation in the legal industry for delivering prompt, dependable, and competent legal services. Our proficiency covers a wide spectrum of business law.

Our services provide clarity to our clients for business, whether you require guidance on Commercial Agreements, Commercial Property, Corporate Law, Employment Terms Contract & Statutory Employment Terms, Commercial Debt Recovery and Trade Mark Registration Applications.

If you need legal help regarding Business Law, don’t hesitate to contact our Solicitors in Stockport and Cheshire. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate clearly and concisely, our Business Solicitors are here to assist you.

Law Made Simple

It is important to us that our clients have every confidence in the integrity of our advice and expertise. Going to law, whether in a straightforward personal action or a complex corporate dispute, can often prove an anxious and uncertain time – not least, because of the possible costs involved.

We ensure that…

  • Our explanations are simple, clear and concise
  • Our advice and range of fees are as good, if not better, than any available
  • We cause no delay in pursuing our clients’ interests
  • In most cases we work to fixed-fee terms
  • We are readily available at all times
  • We are scrupulously polite in communications
  • Our practice and principles are based on the integrity of the Christian ethos

Contact our Solicitors in Stockport, Cheshire

At Mounteney Solicitors, our goal is to offer services at a reasonable price while being transparent about our pricing. We value transparency and cost-effectiveness when it comes to our legal services.

Our fees are competitive and we provide fixed-fee options for numerous of our services. This ensures that you will have a clear understanding of all costs from the beginning, allowing you to concentrate on recovering what you are owed without any unexpected fees.

If you require one of our Solicitors in Stockport and Cheshire, you can reach out to us via phone or by visiting any of our three offices located in Bramhall, Heald Green, and Cheadle. Additionally, we provide virtual consultations to assist clients all over England and Wales.

Get in touch with our Solicitors in Stockport and Cheshire today. We aim to offer a personalised service that caters to your specific situation. Our objective is not only to clarify the legal process but also to ensure that each step is executed with the utmost care and efficiency. We are not just your legal partners, but also your trusted companions on this journey through the law.

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