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Your Will is a legal document made to ensure that your wishes are carried out in relation to your property, including your body, after your death. A Will is a formal document subject to (quite complicated) technical requirements. Making a Will is sensible as it should ensure that:

1) Those you wish to benefit from your possessions (especially your partner and children) do so, and not someone else (or the Crown, if you have no close family)

2) That your affairs are concluded properly and quickly, and do not, for example, give rise to unnecessary disputes between your loved-ones or complicated legal processes.

It may be helpful to regard your Will as being a deed of gift of your property that you make conditional on the gifts only coming into effect after you die. You have exactly the same freedom to do with your property on your death, as you could have done while still alive – e.g. if you wish, you could give all you possess to charity (see Deed of Gift for our Deed of Gift product). You might feel more inclined to be generous with gifts in your will than when you are still alive, when you may feel you need your possessions to live from yourself.

If your Will fails to make provision for people who are your close family or dependants, those people may have the right to apply to the Court to get some benefit from your estate. If this is a possibility for your circumstances, then your Will could anticipate it – e.g. by including a letter explaining why certain people have got (or not got) certain bequests from your estate.

This service is for the production of a form of Will appropriate for straightforward situations, for example: people with modest assets leaving everything to each other and then to their children; or a single person leaving everything to a small number of individuals.

A couple may wish to make “Mirror Wills” whose provisions mutually reflect one another, that is to say gifts to the survivor of the couple, with other legacies otherwise the same in both forms of will.

If you feel that your estate may have slightly more sophisticated requirements we can still assist so please Contact Us for a free consultation or further information.

Having the Will that we prepare executed in our office is an option included in the price, which we recommend you take advantage of. Choosing not to have your Will executed in the physical presence of a solicitor increases the possibility of any challenge to your Will being successful. If you choose not to have a solicitor present at the execution of your Will then we will have provided a “transcription only service” and we exclude all other liabilities for the making of such a Will.

How long will it take?

The time our work takes to conclude will depend on precisely what we are asked to do, but we would generally expect to have taken your instructions within two days of you having bought this product, and we would normally expect to have produced a useable template within 7 working days of your decision to buy the product. Special dispatch may be available where necessary (possibly at extra charge in some cases – please ask).

First we will find out from you the full circumstances surrounding your estate, executors/trustees and chosen beneficiaries. We will then produce a draft Will or Mirror Wills for your approval. Once the document has been approved we will arrange a meeting to guide you through the execution of the Will/Wills.

After the Will has been executed we will check that its execution appears to be legally compliant. If you wish, we will securely store the original for you, providing you with a copy for your records at no extra cost.

Money Matters

Your supplier is SRA-regulated Mounteney Solicitors, that charges VAT some customers may be able to reclaim

Our work will be charged at a fixed-fee of:

  • £270.00 including VAT (£225 + VAT) for a single Will, or
  • £450 including VAT (£375 + VAT) for a simple pair of Mirror Wills
  • £450 including VAT (£375 + VAT) for a single Will with a Trust.
  • £750 including VAT (£625 + VAT) for a set of couples mirror Wills with a Trust.

Please note that there may be supplements based on additional Trust arrangements which you would be advised about at your free consultation. There is more about our fees on our website here

If you have any questions or require any further information, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.