Family Protection Pack


This is a complete Estate Planning Package to which there are three parts - a Trust Will if required, otherwise Simple Will, LPAs and Family Protection Trust. This package is designed to avoid the complications of modern family structures and therefore the numerous threats that can prevent your estate from reaching your chosen beneficiaries.

Carefully considered planning of the financial affairs of your estate is essential to ensure that you can pass on the maximum benefit to your beneficiaries. There are now many ways in which your family’s inheritance can be diluted or even lost; from expensive legal fees to divorce, financial problems and Inheritance Tax. All of these can be avoided with carefully considered planning.

How long will it take?

The time taken for our work to conclude depends on precisely what it is we are asked to do. We will always endeavour to complete any work in a timely manner.

We will provide a full estate planning service including:

  • A Trust Will (single or mirror)
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (single or mirror)
  • Family Protection Trust

Money Matters

Your supplier is SRA-regulated Mounteney Solicitors, that charges VAT some customers may be able to reclaim

£2780 + VAT = £3,500 for an individual (which includes Family Protection trust, 2 x registered LPA’s, and a Trust will)

£3,889.17 + VAT = £4,995 for a couple (which includes Family Protection trust, 4 x registered LPA’s, and mirror Trust wills)

There is more about our fees on our website here

If you have any questions or require any further information, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.