Trustee Services

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Trusts are an extremely flexible legal arrangement that can serve many purposes. A Trust would normally be set up by a Settlor as part of their tax efficient estate planning. We advise and act on all aspects of Trust administration.

Trusts can be for:

  • Protecting assets by isolation from the affairs of the Settlor
  • Rendering the assets independently taxed, which might mean less tax
  • Avoiding probate and/or care fees in some circumstances

We offer Trustee services through our Trustee Company, Hargreaves Mounteney Trustee Company Limited. Our Trustee service is independent, professional, insured and discrete.

How long will it take?

The time taken for our work to conclude depends on precisely what it is we are asked to do. We will always endeavour to complete any work in a timely manner.

Our work is likely to include two elements; setting up the appointment and engaging in carrying out the trust.

Please call us to discuss how we might address your requirements.

Money Matters

These are not services amenable to blanket fixed fees.  We will need to quote for our accepting appointment as Trustee - please Contact Us to discuss.