Commisioner of Oaths Lawyers


There are many circumstances in which we are asked to administer an oath (“take a swearing”) or declaration. Commonly those needing us to administer oaths/affirmations are confused, believing they merely need a solicitor certification see Witnessing Documents & ordinary certified copies.
Oaths/declarations arise in many different circumstances; some of the more common seem to be:
1. Renewal right exclusions for new commercial leases
2. Opening family burials plots
3. Recovering tenant deposits
4. Fixed penalty notice forms
5. Affidavits in litigation
Since solicitors are, technically, officers of the Court, swearing an oath or declaration in front of a solicitor is considered of similar legal effect to taking an oath in front of a judge in a Courtroom.
Oaths (i.e. swearing by God) at our offices may be taken “on the Bible” – we possess no other ‘Holy Book’ to swear an oath by God on; alternatively, a swearing can be done as an affirmation – which does not involve using God or any ‘Holy Book’.
The oath involves you swearing that you are whom you claim to be, so we will not check your identity, e.g. you do not need to bring your passport or other identity documents.

How long will it take?

We will normally administer an oath at our offices immediately we are asked during office hours – it normally only takes a few minutes; however, you might be best to telephone before arriving to check actual solicitor availability.

Money Matters

Your supplier is unregulated Mounteney Legal Services Limited, that does not charge VAT

We charge £5 for each oath, and are allowed to charge £2 per attached document – although the solicitor may not insist on that extra. You will need to pay cash.

There is more about our fees on our website here

If you have any questions or require any further information, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.