Transfer of Equity (for payment)


A transfer of equity is a property transfer service – in some ways similar to a sale - but a transfer of equity does not normally involve a stranger-buyer (as an “arm’s length” sale normally would do), but rather:

(1) the person who gets the property is normally someone who knows you, or is otherwise connected with the property in some way, and

(2) is paying a non-market rate for the property title.

Unlike our normal conveyancing product a transfer of equity has no need to (so doesn’t) include sale searches (including priority searches), reports or certificates. However, an SDLT return may be required, and we will have the complexities involved in transferring funds, as in a normal sale.

Please note that many ‘charges’ on the property, such as mortgages, will prevent the title to a property being transferred.

The product is for the transfer of a complete title - not part of a title; see our Transfer of Part product for part-title transfers.

We also do a Transfer of Equity for no consideration product, and also a Transfer of Equity and trust product bundle you may also wish to consider.

How long will it take?

We don’t generally do anything for new clients until our process of client retention has concluded – this involves agreeing the scope of what we are doing for the price (our terms are below), setting-up our client record (that includes ID checks), and producing the bill (payment in advance is required for all new clients).

After that, the production of the transfer is a job that we can undertake in hours once we can schedule it in our workflow, that can depend on how busy we are at any particular time. We would not usually take-on a job for which we could not engage within about a working week.

A completed transfer will then need to be submitted to HM Land Registry for registration. The time HM Land Registry take to process such a registration varies greatly, depending on how busy they are. Some applications are processed very quickly, up to “next day”; however, most applications appear to languish awaiting HM Land Registry attention; in 2021 many applications were taking about 6 months to be registered – and some types of application can take even longer than that, unfortunately. However, once submitted HM Land Registry process applications on any title in order of submission - so their delay ought not to affect the priority of your application relative to other matters on that title.

Money Matters

Your supplier is CLC-regulated Mounteney Conveyancers Ltd, that charges VAT some customers may be able to reclaim

We charge £425 + VAT = £510 + HMLR Fee

There is more about our fees on our website here

If you have any questions or require any further information, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.