Legal Assistance with HMRC Trust Registation


Please see our deed of trust legal advice for our explanation of what a trust is.

The only common trusts which do not have to be registered with HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”) are those which are not either Statutory Trusts for Land, or trusts which arose at the time of the original purchase of the property (neither before, nor afterward) on which the trustees and the beneficiaries are exactly the same people (even if in unequal shares).

How long will it take?

After we have been fully retained it usually takes us a few working days to prepare and post the form to HMRC. HMRC normally acknowledge receipt of the form to the lead trustee within a few working days of receiving the form. In late 2023 HMRC were normally processing the forms and issuing registration numbers to the lead trustee within two weeks of acknowledgement of receipt of the form.

Money Matters

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Our work will be charged at a fixed fee of £275

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